Getting Around

Getting around Bhutan

All major towns and important places of interest are connected by a good road network. It would be good to note that many of the roads are steep with curves and bends to negotiate. The average speed for road travel rarely exceeds 40 km/h, and Bhutanese drivers are very careful.

Despite this, the spectacular mountain views, lush green landscapes, ancient villages, majestic temples and monasteries, numerous roadside restaurants and inns make for a generous reward for the long and arduous drives.

Tourists can travel in Bhutan with medium-sized buses (20 to 22 seats), small buses (8 to 12 seats) or hired cars. Road widths do not permit larger buses.

Restricted area (route) permit

If you wish to travel to places other than Thimphu and Paro (permit-free zone), you will have to obtain route permit from the immigration office in Thimphu (323127/F-321078). Tourists visiting Bhutan through our local Tour Operators are automatically granted route permits that are issued with their visas.

Special permit

Although most of the religious places receive tourists, some are still restricted. If you wish to visit those, you can do so with a special permit. To acquire one, please contact Department of Culture (322694).

Bringing in your own vehicle

Indian visitors can bring in their own vehicles. For the entry of the foreign cars, the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) will have to endorse the documents. However, we strongly recommend that you use our cars and the services of the local drivers as the narrow and winding roads in Bhutan may pose a challenge. For further information please visit or e-mail the Department of Immigration at [email protected].

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